Does philosophy need repentance?


  • Volodymyr Polyakov Lesia Ukrainka East-European National University


the history of Ukrainian philosophy, Marxist philosophy, Stalin’s philosophy, dialectical materialism, historical materialism, philosophical education, personalìzm


“The battle for the philosophy” in 2015 showed a number of important problems in Ukrainian philosophy. Some of them are: 1) the internal analysis of philosophy itself and all regarding its subject matter and other key principles; 2) ways to overcome ideologymania and scholasticism in the philosophical sphere; 3) state of sources and ways of its significant improvement; 4) professional terminology and introducing philosophical spelling; 5) State of the philosophy teaching and the development of humanitarian policy principles regarding its improvement. Widely distributed definition of the subject-matter of philosophy is criticized as such, which does not meet the needs of the present time. Ukrainian philosophical community needs to intensify the study of fundamental philosophical issues with the aim of clearing the conceptual world-view space of mental simulacra and become the initiator of development of new humanitarian policy. The next problem is overcoming the ideologymania of philosophy. Philosophical community has to become the prime mover of programs development of measures measures aimed at radical improvement of primary philosophical sources and different ways development as for significant expansion of the Ukrainian knowledge using modern information technologies. Philosophy as a science about human personality should obtain its true form as the modern personalìzm.

Author Biography

Volodymyr Polyakov, Lesia Ukrainka East-European National University

candidate of sciences in philosophy, assistant professor of the Department of Philosophy. The research interests: philosophy of science, logic and methodology of scientific knowledge, the history of philosophy and culture.


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