Phenomenological Philosophy: from «Experience of the Other» to the «Ethical Experience»


  • Maksym Kotsiuba Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


experience of the Other, ethical experience, other, alien, Other, ethics, affinity, receptivity, body, corporeality


The article is an attempt to show that the phenomenological «experience of the Other» can be reformulated into «ethical experience». For this purpose, an explication of the phenomenological understanding of experience is carried out in two ways. First of all, as an event in which things are found as such, and, secondly, as a special mode of human existence in the world. The author shows the status of an «alien» and an «other» in the structure of phenomenological experience and put emphasis on their constitutive meaning. However, in the theoretical plan the advantage is given to the «other», considering the purpose of this research. The article is exploring the problem of the appearance of the Other in the experience and emphasizes its specific nature. The ethical nature of the situation is brought into focus. The way of existence of the Other is absence and concealment. The body as a «position» has that kind of experience, which constitutes the human world. Therefore, the «experience of the Other» should be understood as «ethical experience».

Author Biography

Maksym Kotsiuba, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

master or phiposophy, PhD-student (Theoretical and Practical Philosophy Department)


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