Aristotle’s “Topics” and the practical turn in the contemporary logic


  • Volodymyr Navrotskyy Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, NAS of Ukraine


acceptance, material inference, practical turn, topos


The report presented to the participants of Aristotle’s Day in the Institute of Philosophy is devoted to the grounding of the thesis about a turn of the modern logic to Aristotle. Both the prerequisites of such a turn and attitudes that led to some changes in the understanding of the logic are outlined. They rely in particular on the distinction between the acceptance of the content of the message and the belief in its truth. Toulmin’s model is involved in discussing the issue of the guarantees of the admissibility transferring from the premises to the conclusion of the argument. The consideration of this issue is continued by comparing the model with the contemporary interpretations of Aristotle’s “Topics”. The report is completed by the thesis on the applicability of dialectical model of reasoning to the defeasible reasoning, indicating that practical turn in contemporary logic is the turn to Aristotle.

Author Biography

Volodymyr Navrotskyy, Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, NAS of Ukraine

doctor of sciences in philosophy, senior research fellow at the Department of Logic and Methodology of Science


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