Russian intelligentsia and Russian idea

  • Ihor Pasko
Keywords: archetype, myth, church, state, nation, ontological, Christian idea, the idea of orthodox, Russian idea


The paper considers the influence of Russian intelligentsia and intellectuals on Orthodox-
Christian vision of historical process, which is based on the official program of Russian state. The problem is understood first of all as the absence of conceptual interconnection between intellectual heritage and etatist versions of Russian idea. The notion of intellectuals is marginal for Russian discourse as well as the intellectuals group as a whole. The intelligentsia community generalizes more serious role in the social process. The active role of intelligentsia in social process is studied with regard for its social criticism of Russian state’s ideology. At the same time, in the period of crisis we can observe two possible strategies of social development regarding intelligentsia: opportunistic position in the context of its collaboration with Russian State or its generalized Utopian projects of social irresponsibility. Thus authentic Russian idea is in the state of permanent danger and the threat of destruction by Russian state and historical outsiders.

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