“Kyiv Philosophical School” as a phenomenon


  • Petro Yolon Інститут філософії


“Kyiv Philosophical School”, rationalist reinterpretation of Marxism, problems of the logic, methodology, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, cultural anthropology


The term “Kyiv Philosophical School” appeared in the first half of the 1960’s, in the period of “thaw”. The leading trend of scientific research, which developed in Kyiv, was aimed at rationalist reinterpretation of the subject, essence and methodological functions of authentic Marxist philosophy. Investigations in the field of logic, methodology and philosophy of science played a decisive role in development of the philosophic thought in Ukraine of that period. At the same time the mighty of the home history of philosophy and cultural legacy were involved in scientific circulation. There occurred the withdrawal from the canons of so-called scientific atheism towards the philosophy of religion. Studies in the problems of cultural anthropology were developed. The philosophic problems were enriched owing to formation of home sociology. The general quality feature of the so-called Kyiv Philosophical School was the break with philosophic orthodoxy. As a result of those collective efforts the orthodox philosophy began to yield its positions for the benefit of new ideas in the philosophic thought.

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Petro Yolon, Інститут філософії

кандидат філософських наук, провідний науковий співробітник відділу логіки та методології науки


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