Myroslav Popovich about human Place in the history: phases of the rupture


  • Viktor Kozlovskyi


The article is about the work of Myroslav Popovich, the evolution of his philosophical studies from the philosophy of science, logic and methodology of scientific knowledge to the philosophy of history. Attention is focused on the latest treatise of Popovich — «Red Century», where a magnificent panorama of historical events of the twentieth century is deployed. The analysis of the past events is combined with deep philosophical reflection, which makes it possible to reveal not only the causes but also the meaning of the historical past. This is done to find out those phases of discontinuities that led not only to the rule of totalitarian regimes (which arose on the basis of radical ideologies — communist and na- tional-socialist), but also the transformation of the man for whom the massive destruction of people, social groups and nations was no longer perceived as a triumph of evil, but as quite acceptable and justified actions. Popovich shows how and why this breakthrough and degradation happened.


Author Biography

Viktor Kozlovskyi

Candidate of Sciences in Philosophy, Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, National University of «Kyiv-Mohyla Academy».


Popovich, M.V. (2005). Red Century. [In Ukrainian]. — Kyiv: ArtEk. [=Попович 2005]


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