Social and political self-determination of modern Ukrainian society

Civilizational choice of Ukraine

Keywords: Ukrainian statehood, nationhood, political will, transitive society, civilization choice, idea of Europe


The second half of the twentieth century was marked by fundamental shifts in social and cultural bases of the existence of humankind. Independent Ukraine has become a typical transitive society, which faced post-totalitarian ruin along with weakness of political power. Meanwhile, pseudo-elite seeks to preserve amorphous society, where lack of autonomous social subjects and institutes contributes to its dominance. While modern Ukrainian society doesn’t fit into existing social and political typologies, there is a critical need for creating a relevant dictionary that would consider specific social reality after the downfall of “real socialism”. Still, we need a new social contract that would provide a basis for social peace and outline prospects of social development in line with the idea of Europe.

Author Biography

Serhiy Proleev

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Head of the Philosophy of Culture, Ethics and Aesthetics Department of the G. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, Editor-in-Chief of the «Philosophical Thought» journal

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