The normativity of philosophical discourse: pro et contra

The "Philosophical Thought" Round Table


One of the main vocations of scientific communication is to find points of fruitful theoretical debate - those features of ideas, argumentation, established ideas that can become the source of new intellectual pursuits and conceptual assets. Acceptance of differences of positions, giving impulse to view too commonplace - that served as an impulse for raising the question of the normativity of philosophical discourse.

Author Biographies

Xenija Zborovska

Candidate of Philosophy, executive secretary of the «Philosophical Thought» journal, researcher at the State Center for Evaluation of the Activities of Scientific Institutions and Scientific Support for the Development of Regions of Ukraine of the NAS of Ukraine

Serhiy Proleev

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Head of the Philosophy of Culture, Ethics and Aesthetics Department of the G. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, Editor-in-Chief of the «Philosophical Thought» journal

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Zborovska, X., & Proleev, S. (2020). The normativity of philosophical discourse: pro et contra. Filosofska Dumka, (5), 6-20.