Environmental paradigm of civilization transformations

Civilizational choice of Ukraine

  • Tetiana Gardashuk
Keywords: civilization development, environmental crisis, the new environmental paradigm, sustainable development, Happiness, Happy Planet Index, environmental justice, climatic justice


The paper examines features of environmental globalization and the fourth generation of environmental problems. The new environmental paradigm is not only the scientific construction that enables describing and explanation the “new social reality” (the reality of environmental crises, negative consequences of scientific and technological progress and rapid economic growth), but it also accumulates values, which related to our attitude toward nature, environment, and quality of human life integrating them in a certain holistic system. Harmonization of environmental, economic and social policies taking into account ethical norms is an important precondition for transition of the society to sustainable development. The need to change traditional market models follows from this. The role of the theory of justice in reflections on the problems of climate change and new levels of theorization of justice are analyzed. Consequently, the main goal of ivilization development should be happiness as an integral indicator of the quality of life, which, among other, is not possible without save and comfort environment and without communication with nature.

Author Biography

Tetiana Gardashuk

doctor of sciences in philosophy, leading research fellow, H.S. Skovoroda Insititute of Philosophy of the NAS of Ukraine.

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