Vitalii Terletsky. The concept of «reception study» in the context of methodology of the history of philosophy


Keywords: History of philosophy, methodology, reception, influence, reception aesthetics, horizon of expectation


The article analyzes the concept of «reception», which has recently gained popularity, but remains not sufficiently clarified in studies of the history of philosophy. It is assumed that the concept has become the subject of explicit methodological reflection only in the reception aesthetics (Rezeptionsästhetik) of the Constance School of Literary Studies, where it not only opposes the concept of influence, but is interpreted in the context of a horizontal structure for text understanding. At the same time, it is important to distinguish not only the «historical horizon» and the «horizon of modernity» (Gadamer), but also the «horizon of expectations» in its duality: both coded in the text itself and the life practice of the reader, «inter literary» and «external literary» horizons of expectation. The empirical trend of the reception study, developed later, makes it possible to formulate a number of specific proposals for the methodology of historical and philosophical research, which focuses on the principle of «history of receptions». It is clear that only «reproductive» and «productive» reception categories are relevant to this type of research. In particular, it is an analysis of the institutional prerequisites for the reception, the classification of the source base of that received, the channels (re)broadcast of that received, the specification of the types of scientific communication, the tradition determined positive or negative factors of reception, the status of philosophy in particular historical periods.

Author Biography

Vitali Terletsky

PhD in Philosophy, Senior Research Fellow at the Department of History of Philosophy in Ukraine, H.S. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, NAS of Ukraine,

4, Triokhsviatytelska St., Kyiv, 01001


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