Democracy and philosophy: K. Jaspers’ political will and challenges of today


  • Maria Kultaeva H.S. Skovoroda National Pedagogical University


democracy, philosophy, K. Jaspers, political education, humanism, freedom, responsibility, truth, the political man


The article presents the didactic version of Jaspers’ political philosophy, where the intrinsic connection of philosophy and democracy is explicated. The evolution of democracy is shown. There are analyzed its new theoretical conceptualizations including the anthropological premises. There is also taken a comparison with Ukrainian actual social and political contexts, where the theoretical suggestions made by Jaspers can be verified or used as impulses for rethinking democracy theories and for their implications. The status of philosophy in the modern societies, in which it is respected only formally, needs to be changed because, in its absentia, the very existence of democracy and the European way of life are running the risk of destruction.

Author Biography

Maria Kultaeva, H.S. Skovoroda National Pedagogical University

doctor of science in philosophy, professor, chair holder of philosophy


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