Crisis of civilization and social progress. Ukraine

Civilizational choice of Ukraine

  • Myroslav Popovich
Keywords: social progress, civilizations, social evolution, social crisis, soviet history


Since the age of Enlightenment, the idea of progress obtains the highest level of legitimacy. This idea is based on the belief that everything in the life is changing for the better. Therefore, the notion that there is some global purpose of historical process which we follow up, seems groundless. The author points that the development of civilization is not directional. The process of evolution may include lapses, like the decline of moral values while scientific and technical problems are being successfully solved. This may cause disastrous consequences. One of the examples of catastrophic deviation was the dictatorship of Stalin and the communist party on the territory of Ukraine in 1920-1950. The author investigates, how the metamorphosis of the organization of the formal revolutionaries occurred in cultural and historical contexts. Thus, the most violent conflicts arise at the intersection of several cultural traditions and are caused by the incompatibility of historical background of different communities.

Author Biography

Myroslav Popovich

Ukrainian philosopher and public figure, academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Merited figure of science and technology of Ukraine, doctor of philosophy, professor, Head of H.S. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of the NAS of Ukraine (2001—2018).

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