Oleksandr Yatsenko: doomed to openness


  • Anatolii Loy journal “Filosofska dumka” (Philosophic Thought)


Oleksandr Yatsenko, early Marx’s ideas reconstruction, Lukács’s ontology of social being


Oleksandr Yatsenko was a philosopher of Marxist convictions, who thought it necessary to reconstruct the original ideas of early Marx with humanism peculiar to him. Lacunas for morals, law and even religion would be reserved in such philosophy. Total integrity of rational actions in the society is to be always saturated with ideals which would ensure the value orientation of vital activity. Yatsenko’s conception is comparable with the doctrine of ontology of social being by Lukács. He was also in discord with official philosophy, so his sympathy to dissidents and law defenders were not casual.

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Anatolii Loy, journal “Filosofska dumka” (Philosophic Thought)

doctor of sciences in philosophy, member of the Editorial Board of journal “Filosofska dumka”


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