Philosophical Journal in the Mirror of Statistics: 2009–2017

Keywords: academic journal, philosophical journal, quantitative analysis


In this paper I present the results of the quantitative analysis of 2009—2017 archives of “Philosophical Thought” — the leading Ukrainian academic journal in the area of philosophy. This analysis was carried out with 32 indicators which characterize demographic, geospatial and academic structure of the journal’s authors, its contents and the effectiveness of distribution of its materials among the target readership. The results of the analysis demonstrate development trends of the journal; allow comparing them with the previous period data and make it possible to draw conclusions concerning the effectiveness of the refinement process which lasted throughout the period under review.

Author Biography

Ilami Yasna, H.S. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, NAS of Ukraine

Master of Finance and Banking, Master of Religion Studies, PhD candidate (Institute
of Philosophy of the NAS of Ukraine), the intern of “Philosophical Thought” journal, the developer
of site of “Philosophical Thought”, “Philosophy in Ukraine” portal and the registry of academic
philosophical translations “Translatio Humanitatis”.

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