Act of Value-Representation: Phenomenological Analysis

Keywords: phenomenology, axiology, values, representation of values, experiencing of values


The article presents results of phenomenological conceptualization of essential features of the act of value-representation. It consists of five chapters, which reveal different structural components of value-experience: (I-II) considers the essential peculiarity of value and the mode of its givenness, as well as interconnection between value and other objects; (III) describes a phenomenon of subjective value-attitude as a necessary structural precondition of the act value-representation; (IV) differentiates the act of authentic value-representation and the act of inauthentic “value”-designation; (V) considers a relation between value-representation and feeling.

Author Biography

Taras Fostiak, National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”

post-graduate student, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Faculty of Humanities


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