• Vitaliy Nechiporenko


Ukraine is heroically resisting the barbaric aggression of the Russian neo-totalitarian state — in grief over the losses, in straining all social forces and with faith in victory. It is no exaggeration to say that the world is divided into a democratic community, which helps our struggle in every possible way, and a number of authoritarian and undemocratic states, which openly or secretly support the Russian attempt to "reformat the world order" by military means.
Not only the fate of Ukraine depends on the outcome of this war, but also the future fate of humanity: will the authoritarian anti-modern country win or will Ukrainian democracy and love of freedom prove its viability? What will prevail — the brute military-technical force, the ruthlessness and terror of the attackers or the heroic spirit of the defenders, multiplied by the help of our allies from the democratic world? After months of war, the question is still open, it is unbearably painful for those who lost relatives and loved ones, it torments refugees abroad and inside the country, it troubles the minds of ordinary people and powerful politicians all over the world.
The staff of the Institute and our editorial staff quite stoically overcomes the troubles of wartime. The learned secretary and part of the staff courageously prepared our building for a possible enemy assault, and one of the staff defends us all at the front with weapons in hand. The directorate, academic council, and departments have established remote forms of work, are correcting scientific topics in the field of ideological struggle against the aggressor. Some of the employees moved abroad and joined various research programs designed to support Ukrainian science. Thanks to the efforts of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Institute's administration, and the support of "Akademperiodika", our magazine continues its work in wartime, and we are proud that the first issue of this year, along with the electronic version, also has a printed edition.

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Vitaliy Nechiporenko

candidate of Sciences in Philosophical, Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Social Philosophy


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