• Vitaliy Nechiporenko


The war has been going on for more than six months... For our people, it is a just war, a people's national liberation war for the very possibility of the existence of our country and our nation. For our armed forces, it is a defensive war: for the native land, for the protection of the civilian population, for the honor and glory of our ancestors, who for centuries defended our land from cruel attempts at enslavement. For volunteers, it is a war for resources for the army, which have to be obtained all over the world, a concentration of people's charity and a manifestation of a fantastic organization of efforts for a noble goal. For Ukrainians, this is a war that must be won without losing either common sense, ethical limitations, or human dignity. And we succeed!

Philosophers, together with other scientific communities, quite seriously adjusted the subject of research, increasingly focusing on war as an all-encompassing socio-cultural phenomenon. Institute of Philosophy named after H.S. Pans and the editors of our magazine present the topic "Philosophical Discourses of War" in this issue. The peculiarity of the reflection of this tragic theme was clearly manifested in the materials of the round table "War as a socio-cultural phenomenon": firstly, a record number of applications and speeches for events of this format; secondly, the thematic breadth of the author's visions in the study of this complex and atypical object of scientific research; thirdly, by the distinct patriotic nature of the meeting, by the desire to help one's own people to persevere in this existential war.

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Vitaliy Nechiporenko

candidate of Sciences in Philosophical, Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Social Philosophy


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